Elite Casino Dealer Academy


Currently Offering Poker Dealer Training for the Tampa Bay Area.

About Elite Casino Dealer Academy

"out of desperation comes inspiration"

My name is Ruben Rodriguez and I am the proud owner and founder of Elite Casino Dealer Academy. In 2011 I was desperate to find a job and was having no success.  This was when my friend and I decided that a Poker Dealer School was needed in the Tampa Bay Area.  We had our first meeting at a local Dairy Queen, and Elite Casino Dealer Academy was created. Ever since then we have been teaching our students how to become a professional poker dealer using all of the industry standards.


Our instructors have 30 plus years of combined experience. This gives the student a great learning experience from teachers that have done very well in this industry and have been able to see the many characteristics that make a top poker dealer.


When you graduate from Elite Casino Dealer Academy you will not only be prepared to succeed when the opportunity arises, you will also have the ability to work in any card room in the country.


Our graduates have dealt in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas as well as circuit events throughout the country and local card rooms here in Florida.


Elite CDA

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